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The Organisation is represented since 1991 with guided motorcycle and Cabrio-Tours in the travel sector. Since 2011 Norbert and Tanja Reif are spezialized for cartrips.
We travel in small groups to: Italy, Norway, Little Europe ( 5 Country Tour ), Alps, – City-Journeys.
We are also an incoming agency for guided tours and events. Deadline for applications 6 weeks before leaves.
Car rental is no problem. What car do you like? Please inquire via contact form.

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since 1991
Trentino Dolomites
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Little Europe
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Norway intense
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Norge Nord
Date 28.07.- 12.08.2017
Alps crossing No II
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Lace constance - Allgäu
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Exclusive travels
Individually vacation – travel’s groups with minimum participant 7 drivers and maximally 16 people – 8 cars / group, travel with own vehicle or a rental. Up to 8 cars is our special point, that we have 2 Guides with her own cars on Tour. So we can split the Group for example in fast and slow Drivers, or for a sightseeing Group.

Famous summits, like e.g. Langkofel and Rosengarten, along well-known mountain passes such as Grödner and Sellajoch… – naturally, we drive those also with you. … however not only that! The small dolomites exercise their attraction on us. While traveling on tight curves, the view suddenly opens to unknown, smallest, little traveled roads, discreet, lonely mountain villages, curve to the Lago di Garda. On our home journey we swing through the fascinating landscape of the Thimmelsjoch.

Day 1
After we meet either in Weingarten or at the Reschenpass, we drive through the Vinschgau to our hotel.
Day 2
Monte Baldo Tour to the Lake Garda
Day 3
Classic Tentino Tour
Day 4
5 Lake Tour, but Lake Garda is not included.
Day 5
Adventure route into the somewhat more unknown part of the dolomites.
Day 6
Tour of kings! Meaning: The Large dolomites trip! We make lunch time in the midst of a gigantic Rock, an unforgettable experience.
Day 7
Down in the Ötztal, over the 2509 m high Thimmelsjoch passage. We part ways behind the Tannheimertal.

Included for the self drivers tour:
Guided Tour starting from airport MC, 4x MAP, beautiful 3 star hotels with swimming pool, sauna 2x MAP in beautiful 4star hotels with swimming pool, sauna, 2x toll duty, overnight accommodation in a double room, Shower/WC, Single room reservation at surcharge possible. Travel tour starting from 8 persons Surcharge for vehicle rental (valid only for travel tour takers from foreign countries) Not included: Flight. Gasoline, vehicle(s), beverages
Destination our cruising power outputs withour car rental Date Price/Person
Dolomiten Trentino 2xHalfboard, once at the arrival day and once the last Day. 8xHalfboard, 5x 3* Hotel and 2x 4* Hotel, 6x with swimmingpool and sauna, overnight accomodation in double room, with shower and toilet, all road duties, single room surcharge 230€ – Acts on Tour
ask your own Date by mail
Price up to 1450 €

Fissured ravines, wild valleys, and crazy mountain passages in the French sea-alps, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. All this awaits you with our 8 day’s journey straight through the alps. We meet in Stuttgart or Schaffhausen, and drive down to Lake Constance. From now one highlight is followed by the next! Also with a little luck we may catch a view of Mont Blanc during our journey to Lake Maggiore. After we are leaving the upper-Italian sea-plate, we pas through winter sports place St. Moritz and the Bernina passage with its Morteratsch glacier. We drive also to the Stilfserjoch. Naturally we do not omit the wonderful passport roads in the dolomites with the passing over the Thimmelsjoch as a highlight. Then passing by Neuschwanstein castle on our route home.

Day 1
Meeting of the tour participants, starting in the direction of the city Basel. Along the Doubs in to the French alps. Overnight accomodation in the central French apls.
Day 2
Day the Canyons and gorges, travelling towards Grenoble on the Napoleon route Napoleon into the region of Gap.
Day 3
On route to La Meije, also known as the queen of the sea-alps. Then into Switzerland. – Clearly; we have to try the famous Cheese-fondue at dinner.
Day 4
Trip through the mountains to the Italian side of lake Maggiore, into the region of Baveno. We enjoy the southern flair during a walk through the towns alleys.
Day 5
Along the lakes, into Switzerland and then again into „bella Italia“. The landscapes nearly change every moment.
Day 6
Through the Vinschgau to our hotel at the edge of the dolomites.
Day 7
Magnificent dolomite tour. Into in the midst of the rock giants.
Day 8
Over one of the most beautiful high alpine roads of the region, the 2509 m high Timm participants: 6 elsjoch, to Tirol/Austria, and passing castle Neuschwanstein on our journey home.

Included with the self drivers our:
Guided Travel starting at the swiss border ,and/or starting from Stuttgart/Munich (STR/MUC) if arriving by plane. 7x overnight accommodation in the double room, Shower/WC MAP in select 3 star and 4 star hotels, Toll charges, Single room reservation possible at surcharge. Min. Tour size starting from 8 people.
Not included: flight, beverages, Gasoline, vehicle(s)

Little Europe 5 Countrytour, 2xHalfboard, once at the arrival day and once the last Day. 7xHalfboard on tour, 6x 3* Hotel and 1x 4* Hotel, 5x with swimmingpool and sauna, overnight accomodation in double room, with shower and toilet, all road duties, single room surcharge 260€ – Acts on Tour
ask your own Date by mail
Price up to 1850 €

Vacation make in Norway? – I would have never considered this. I only could think of mountain travels…. today I love this country! Our journey starts and ends in Kiel. We take the Colorline ferry. The passage resembles more a luxury cruise then an ordinary crossing. We arrive in Oslo the next morning and our journey can begin. We stay overnight to on route in cutomaryl cosy 4 star Comfort two bed room cottages with shower/WC, double occupation required. Norwegian style dinner is always prepared by the participants. We saddle up after breakfast and continue our tour. We experience our first impression of Norway on the trip to Lillehammer. A nice, small, very beautiful small town… Now into the country of the Trolle: Dalsnibba, Geirangerfjord, Trollstiegen, all words and things, with an experienced Norway traveler that cause goose bumps. No day is like the other one. The landscapes change nearly every moment. Naturally we visit and admire one of the largest glaciers of Europe! Passing over high planes we finally arrive in Sognefjord. The largest fjord in Norway. We stay also here two days. Here you have one day at free disposal. We have naturally various route proposals. On the next day our trip goes further to the hard meadow fjord. From here we also visit mountains. The historic town with old timber buildings is one the most beautiful in Norway. Past at the two sisters – two enormous next to each other lying Fossen – towards the south. Finally we take a look at the largest old-Norwegian wood churches. – A stave church from that 13 century. And last not least we swing by the Viking museum in Oslo before boarding the Colorline ferry back to Kiel, Germany. The Nordic fascination tour is over, hoping that we gained a few more members of the Norway fan club.

Guided self driver tour Ferry Kiel – Oslo overnight passage by cruise ship, standard accommodation 4 person cab, 2 person cab available at surcharge 11x overnight accommodation in 4 star Comfort – wood log cottages, equipped with 2x double beds (usually 1x double bed and 1x stick bed ) Shower, WC, TV, 4x fjord ferries tickets, Entrance fee for the Viking museum, lunch, Cook with own vehicle, Travel tour size starting at 8 people.
Not included: Gasoline, vehicle(s), beverages, flight.
If you have any question, don’t hesitate and contact us !

Norway 2xHalfboard, once at the arrival day and once the last Day. Start in Kiel ( Airport Hamburg ), Guide on tour , 2x Cruise (Kiel-Oslo and Oslo-Kiel) in 4-Bettcabin, 11 x overnight accomodation in 4* wodden blockcabins in double rooms, with shower and toilet, all fjord ferries, all road duties, occurs wikinger museum. – Acts on Tour

Who does not even want to cross the Polarkreis, see the Lofoten and experience themidnight sun. Our 16 day trip starts in Kiel at the Colorline terminal. There we meet at 12 noon. A little chat, a first learning, if not already done on our Funtour and the tour starts by checking in and disappearing in the belly of the ferry.
The cruise is like a cruise, because on board there are bars, a casino, a theater and many restorations – so for entertainment is well catered for!
On tour we stay in country-typical cozy 4 * Comfort Cabins, which are equipped with 2 bedrooms for four persons, shower and WC. At dinner, which is always cooked together, if possible, we enjoy Norwegian specialties, and sit at your own pace, …Drink until late into the bright night. After breakfast at 10 o’clock it finally starts! South Norway we go through to Trondheim in one train, because the South Tour is a separate trip with us. On the way we marvel at thousands of old rock paintings. Norway is long stretched, so we reach the Polarkreis on the third day. He makes his name all honor – they will see it! Next we will visit one of the world’s largest tidal streams.
The colorful colorful houses, built close to the rocks … The bizarre mountain landscape, which somewhere in the sea emerges out of nowhere and captivates us … we are in the Lofoten. The time has come. We are enjoying the midnight sun!
The next day we explore the island world, visit the Viking Museum in Borg.
But if it is the most beautiful, one should move again. With the ferry, we transfer to the mainland for 2 hours. From now on, it is always along the coast, one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Some ferry crossings await us in the next days. With good timing we cross the second time the polar circle. This part of the landscape is also worthy of its name!
In Namsos again relax is announced, then it goes further south.
One last time we’ll be in the land of the trolls before we leave Oslo in the color line ferry. On the boat we can enjoy the obligatory buffet again, then we are back in Kiel and dream of curves, fjords, Lofoten, ferries, … – welcome to the club of the Norway fan!

2x Ferry the Colorline Kiel -Oslo-Kiel in 4 bed cabin, 2xÜ / HP
2 bed cabin for an extra charge
Traveling from / to Kiel
6x fjord ferry
Return trip Lofoten,
Admission to the Viking Museum,
12x accommodation in 4 * Comfort-Blockhütten, shower, toilet, double, TV
1x overnight in 3 * block huts, double room

Exclusive: Tollcollekt (will be sent home)

Price driver: 3218 € Price of passenger: 2754 €
After registration – depending on the daily rate Fährzuschlag Kiel / Oslo
Tour direct from Oslo ( without ferry Kiel/Oslo/Kiel ) Price is driverprice is reducedwith 700 Euro and codriver with 380 Euro.

Note: Registration is 15.02.2017 – please ask for the rest


A trip through the Alps, is one of the greatest things you can do by convertible.
Enjoy it, to drive a sportscar and feel the curvy roads, in the combination with the famos views from the top of the mountains.
Feel the freedom, to be near to the sky!

1. Day Munich
Arrival in Municht and transfer to your hotel. The rest of the day is free to explore at your leisure.
Munich is a city full of fascinating contrasts between modern development and historic landmarks.
At 7 pm you will meet your guide at the welcome dinner at the hotel.
Accommodation at the Hotel Mövenpick Munich Airport ****.
2.Day to Livigno
After breakfast, take over the vehicles and the journey begins. We reach Italy via Austria.
If the street condition allows it, we cross the Passo dello Stelvio, from the Vinschgau (South Tyrol) to the Veltlin (Lombardy)
With 2757 m s.l.m. this is the highest mountain pass road in Italy and after the Col de l’Iseran the second highest asphalted mountain pass of the Alps.
We stay in Livignio. Use the possibility, to be able to buy duty-free.
Accommodation with Halfboard at the Hotel Lac Salin**** / Concordia****
3.Day to Völs
This morning we cross the Bernina Pass Road, down to Tirano, the border town between Switzerland and Italy. May be we can see the Glacier Express. – A train that crosses the Swiss Alpine world.
In the midday we are in the Italian „Trentino“ to drive from “ val di sole “ to South Tyrol. A ride along the vineyards and a visit in the wine place Kaltern is not to be missed.
The first Dolomites can already be seen from here.
Accommodation with Halfboard at the Hotel Miramonti****.
4.Day to Zirl
King’s tour. After the breakfast we start to a tour in the big Dolomites. A magnificent mountain world and Unesco world cultural heritage since 2009 expects us.
We drive around the Sella massif und linger at several beautiful places to enjoy the view. In the afternoon we arrive the „Pustertal“ and continue on the old „Brenner Road“ in the aeria of Innsbruck.
Accommodation with Halfboard at the Hotel Tyrolis****.
5.Day Munich
After breakfast, there is a little action this morning! It is a breathtaking experience, to roar with the Alpin Coaster, 3.5km in 9 minuts down to the valley.
The longest rail-guided alpine roller coaster in the world with its curves, waves and jumps, is realy funny.
Afterwards we drive to Neuschwanstein Castle, built by Ludwig II, the notorious “Mad King“.
After a brief stop at the Andechs Benedictine Abbey we continue to our final destination, Munich
Return of the vehicles. Trip ends at 6pm

Price per Person in €:
4 participants     2.137,00 EUR
6 participants    1.662,00 EUR
8 participants     1.423,00 EUR
Singgle supplement: 180,– EUR
Supplement for Oktoberfest in September 250,– EUR

Services includet:
English speaking Tourguidedruing the entire tour
Guidet- Tour
Transfer in / from Airport Munich to your Hotel ( only on day 1 of the tour )
4x Halfboard in double room
4x Hotels**** up/to Munich
Cable car to Pordoi, Entrace and Cable car to Alpincoaster
Admission Castle Neuschwanstein , Bavaria Filmstudio

Services excludet:
Singleroom for extra charge
Meals outside the Tour & Gasoil
Rental Car – tell us what you want !- we offer it…
Daytax to pay in the Hotel ca. 3€/Day
Prenight/Postnight in Munich 78€ in double room, 132 in single room

For our northern germans or for lovers of the Swabian Sea we have the tour: Bodensee and Allgäu A trip over the Swabian Alb, through Upper Swabia to Lake of Constance and into the Allgäu with hotel near Lake Constance.

1 day:
Sartpoint is Merklingen. The Alb, here a monastery, there a castle, the Danube Valley … an eventful day.
2 day:
sightseeing arround the lake of constance – all sorts of interesting things around Lake will inspire you today.
3rd day:
Allgäutour – mountain meadows – cows. A visit to a dairy can not be missed.
Day 4:
Drive to Stein am Rhein. The pretty old town invites you to stroll. Afterwards a bendy ride to the Hegaublick and lunch there. Afterwards leave or relax at the hotel.

Halfboard in double room
singleroom for extra charge
Guidet tour
Reif-Tours Special Hotels

Price: 469€      single room extra: 82€€

For booking send us  the document by Mail or Fax: Reif-Preisliste AGB Anmeldung 2017


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